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Doula, Birthing Coach, Placenta Encapsulator

Doula and Birth Coach Colleen Shulenberger

Meet Colleen Shulenberger

Hi there, and welcome! My name is Colleen Shulenberger.

My journey to being a doula began with the birth of our first daughter. The decision to have a birth doula by my side was one of the best I ever made. I felt secure, respected, and heard. Despite staff changes and the many hours that passed us in the night, my husband and I were well supported and cared for. My birth experience was positive and empowering to me. The process instilled in me the belief that every woman should have that support available to them.

So, I began serving as a doula over four years and just last year began my training to become a licensed and certified midwife with Labor of Love Birth Center in Tyler.

And I am richly blessed to serve growing East Texas families in these ways.

I am so honored and overjoyed to support each family as they welcome a new life into the world. I love seeing clients change before my eyes as they become a first-time parent, feel the relief and victory that comes when they have reached their goals, and experience the love that fills the room. Becoming a mother is incredible, breathtaking, and challenging. There is no greater reward.

Congratulations and best wishes as you seek out your best birth!

I would be honored to serve and support you,

Colleen Shulenberger

Doula and Birth Coach Colleen Shulenberger

Meet Gwen Spadie

Hi y’all!

My name is Gwen Spadie, a DONA trained doula with A Sacred Nest in Tyler, Texas.
I am a blessed wife of seven years and happy momma of two adorable children, plus one big fur baby. I was born and raised in Texas (thank you, Jesus!) and have called East Texas my home for over 16 years. You could say my journey to be a doula started at my birth. As one of nine children, birth stories are cherished in my family. We are a proud bunch (born in Texas remember?) and my mom was passionate about each story. Even when we were young and did not quite understand, we still caught her enthusiasm for the event.

As a mother of two, I am always saddened when I speak to other mothers who are unable to cherish the births of their children. Whether circumstances intervened, or knowledge was lacking, a “birth-out-of-control” can be hard to move past.
After describing such a birth, with tears in her eyes, a friend asked me, “When am I going to stop talking about this?” I knew that I had to do something, anything, to help the women of East Texas have the birth experience they desire.
My heart and passion is to encourage families that they can have a positive and wonderful birth experience and to help them in that endeaver.

I cannot wait to meet you!

Yours in sacred birthing!
Gwen Spadie