Placenta Encapsulation

Old Methods, New Delivery

The placenta has been used for centuries as a natural supplement to promote healing and recovery after birth. Using the highest safety standards in handling and preparation, we provide professional placenta encapsulation services to my Tyler, TX and surrounding East Texas area clients, whether in their own homes or mine.

The placenta is carefully rinsed and cleaned, steamed, sliced, dehydrated and then encapsulated. You can expect roughly 70 to 100 capsules that can begin to be consumed immediately and if stored properly, they can be used many years from now. If the cord is long enough, we are happy to include a cord keepsake for you at no additional charge.

Having a balanced and positive postpartum can assist in reducing the chance of postpartum depression. Restoring the energy to get outside, take a walk, and socialize with those you love can have a powerful impact on you and your little one as you adjust to this new life. Many women have raved about the difference they felt placenta pills made to their overall health and outcome.

Experiencing the joy and amazement of your body’s ongoing accomplishment−you had a baby and you are keeping it alive!−should be rewarding and fulfilling. Placenta encapsulation has been known to give tremendous results over many, many years for many women worldwide. What other supplements can deliver this much?

Contact us today about more of these benefits and how we can help you achieve your postpartum goals!