A Sacred Nest

Birth coaching in the heart of life.
Equipping from the start of life.


Birth Coaching, Focused on You.

A Sacred Nest is Colleen Shulenberger and Gwen Spadie. Colleen started A Sacred Nest to provide East Texas mothers with support for a positive and empowering childbirth experience. As birth professionals, our approach is to tailor that support to your needs in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. Our focus is you and your ideal birth. We believe a positive birth can happen in the hospital, a birth center, or in your own home. Regardless of the location, our desire is to serve you through one of the most exciting and joyful events a parent can experience.

Birthing Classes

My passion is teaching parents about prenatal nutrition, developing an extensive birth plan, how husbands can be compassionate and engaged labor coaches, and how to achieve a positive birth. I am excited to bring The Bradley Method® of natural childbirth education to Tyler, Longview, and the surrounding East Texas Area. A Sacred Nest regularly offers Bradley® birthing classes and would love to visit with you about this life enhancing method of childbirth.

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Doula Services

The birth of a child is an amazing experience and is one of the most important times of your life. It’s also a time women have traditionally helped women. Based in Tyler, TX, Gwen is a thoroughly trained, experienced doula provider who loves helping parents enter the birthing event confidently, eagerly, and, most importantly, joyfully. She strives to provide the emotional and physical support you need while engaging and supporting your partner in his encouragement and involvement.

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Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta has been used for centuries as a natural supplement to promote the healing and recovery of mothers following childbirth. Using the highest safety standards in handling and preparation, We provide professional placenta encapsulation services to our clients, whether in their own homes or ours. We would be honored to aid the healing and overall wellness of your body so that you can more fully enjoy the blessing of your newly born child!

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My husband and I could not have done this alone and Colleen was the perfect choice for our doula.  If I am blessed with a second child, we will definitely make sure Colleen is there as our doula! – Janice R.

We couldn’t have made it through my long labor without Colleen! She and my husband made a great team. Even in the daze of labor, I noticed him learning from her how to support me. We love Colleen! – Jessi M.
I am always impressed by how knowledgeable Colleen is on all things pregnancy and birth. And her willingness to answer any and all of my questions is a blessing. If you are an expectant mother and you’re even considering the possibility of using a doula, check this amazing lady out! – Colette D.